Boxing Arcade Machines

Boxing Arcade Machines

Boxing arcade machines for sale

Designed and manufactured for commercial use, our products ensure durability. Two different models with unique structures exist.
1- Metal case
2- Polyester case
1. Metal Case Model: The entire metal case has a 1.5 mm sheet metal support body and square profiles. The metal case is the sole thing that sets this model apart from others; other features come as standard. The only downside is that the metal rusts in a shorter time than polyester boxing does: Due to external factors such as rain, snow, and humidity, gradual rusting is expected over the years, however, repainting a 4/5-year-old metal solves the issue. Metal case models are cheaper than others as they are less labor-intensive.

2. Polyester Case Model: The entire outer case is made of 3 layers of polyester. It is more elastic and more robust than the metal case models. Due to its labor-intensive nature and 3-layer application of polyester (carbon fiber), this model is more expensive than the other models.
Further, the plexy material of the scoreboard is more durable than that of the metal boxing machine.
The primary material used to manufacture polyester case boxing machines is the same polyester used in boat and airplane manufacturing.
Boxing Ball Mechanism:
The system is unique, and we are the only company in the world to utilize this system to manufacture boxing and kicking machines. In other boxing and kicking machines, a pull-in coil is used. The pull-in coil consumes too much current, opening the locking mechanism to bring the ball down, aided by a lifter spring.

The mechanism in our machines works with a DC reduction engine. The engine does not draw excessive power; it rotates in its normal state, and the sheet (lama?) separates the mechanism from the lift spring, bringing the ball to the ready-for-strike position. The rotation of the motor stops on the positioning switch and gets ready to work, enabling stable and smooth mechanics.
We use a single power supply for this mechanical operation because there is no coil mechanism required by an overload. Coil systems must use a transformer.
Standard features of all models:

all models 

1. The outer coating is made of full foil printing. The foil print is covered with PVC lamination to prevent the foil from scratches and outside influences. The PVC material that is used to safeguard ID and staff cards is the same as this material. All versions come included with the application of foil printing and laminating.
2. The equipment is portable. It can easily be relocated with three wheels on the back and two handles. A locked door for the settings and two additional locks secure the coin box.
3. Token and coin identification mechanism: The equipment accepts 0.50 cents, 1 Euro, and 2 Euro coins. The number of plays is adjustable for the number/amount of coins. The bill acceptance mechanism is optional and can be subject to extra payment.
4. There’re three difficulty levels: Easy, normal, and expert. You can change the record-break level settings if you’d like to.
5. The machine plays a piece of demo music and illuminates itself when idle. The volume can be adjusted or turned off.
6. The equipment automatically counts and records the amounts of coins; you can track the revenue generated.
7. There’s an error code system on the mainboards; the equipment notifies you with an error code when any malfunction occurs, easing fault detection. The mainboard warranty is valid for five years, and we guarantee the supply of spares for ten years.
8. The foil printing can be customized on demand. We do not apply an additional fee for such a request; however, we may request extra time for delivery.
9. All of our products are CE certificated.

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